Within a short space of time, Insights-X has evolved into an international trade fair for branded goods. Trade buyers will once again enjoy the dynamic concept of this friendly stationery expo when it opens its doors for four days this autumn. Perfectly timed from 9 to 12 October 2019, the event is currently set to welcome 256 exhibitors from 38 countries (as per: 21.5.2019), who will unveil their innovations and trends at Nuremberg’s Exhibition Centre across six product groups. In addition, organizer Spielwarenmesse eG is introducing several new features at the fifth edition of Insights-X, including the new Hall 3C and an extended range of services. These include the Insights Talks at the Insights Arena, and the new Special Area #Inspiration. The supporting programme is rounded off with the popular networking and hands-on events staged by exhibitors.
Insights-X举办了四届,如今已经发展成为一个国际品牌商品交易会。今年秋天,2019年10月9日至12日,Insights-X将再度回归,为观众带来一场文具盛宴,将有来自38个国家的256家参展商(根据2019年5月21日),他们将在纽伦堡展览中心的6个产品组中展示他们的创新和趋势。此外,主办方Spielwarnemesse EG将在第五届的Insights-X中引入了一些新功能,包括新的3c厅,并扩展对商家的服务范围,其中包括Insights展区的Insights Talks,以及新的特殊展区#Inspiration。

 International approval 国际认可

The modern and distinct style of Insights-X has been well received across the board. Last year, 5,512 highly qualified visitors from 92 nations wended their way to the stationery expo. Attracting the industry’s decision-makers, the event found that 86 percent of trade buyers were directly involved in buying decisions. They were greeted by 311 suppliers from 39 countries, an impressive 56 percent of whom had travelled to Nuremberg from abroad. At the same time, the proportion of international visitors amounted to 44 percent. “Setting a new country record is not our primary goal,” states Ernst Kick, CEO Spielwarenmesse eG, adding, “We’re very focused on pushing forward with our bespoke concept, the success of which is clearly being confirmed by our exhibitors who are not only satisfied with the organization of the fair but also say it’s of key importance to their marketing activities.” Created as a trade fair from industry for industry, Insights-X has been supported by the sector right from the start. The suppliers appreciate its perfect timing for the presentation of their stationery innovations, as well as the decision-making calibre of the trade visitors, the efficient organization before, during and after the fair and the strength of the Back-to-School segment.
现代和风格独特的Insights-X得到了广泛的认可。2018年,来自92个国家的5512名高质量的游客来到了文具博览会。此次活动吸引了业内决策者,86%的买家直接参与了购买决策。来自39个国家的311家供应商对他们表示欢迎,其中令人印象深刻的是56%的买家是从国外前往纽伦堡的。与此同时,国际游客的比例达到44%。“创造新的国家纪录不是我们的首要目标,”Spielwarnemesse的首席执行官Ernst Kick如是说,“我们非常注重推进我们的定制理念,这一理念的成功显然得到了参展商的确认,他们不仅对此组织感到满意。他公平但也说这对他们的营销活动非常重要。”Insights-X作为一个行业对行业的交易会,从一开始就得到了行业的支持。供应商感谢其提供文具创新的完美时机,以及贸易访客的决策能力、展会前后高效组织以及返校环节的实力。


 Hall change and big industry players展厅变化和大型行业参与者


This year, visitors and buyers can look forward to a particularly attractive stroll around the fair. The newly built Hall 3C replaces Hall 3. It is directly connected to the familiar Halls 1 and 2, resulting in shorter walking distances. Boasting a 3,000 m² glass facade, the modern Hall will accommodate the Insights Arena and Atelier as well as the Partner Lounge and the Food Court. The three halls will continue to feature all six product groups which reflect the full spectrum and diversity of the stationery sector. “We’re very much looking forward to welcoming both established industry players and innovative start-ups. In addition, several strong brands are among the first-time exhibitors at the fair,” reveals Florian Hess, Director Fair Management. The segment “Writing Utensils and Equipment”, for example, will feature Spanish company Montana Colors for the first time, whilst Erich Krause Finland is returning after a break. In “Paper and Filing”, Kolma, based in Switzerland, and NPA Nordiskt Papper from Sweden are making a debut appearance. “Artistic and Creative” will be joined by the well-known German company Marabu, alongside Royal Talens with the Sakura brand and Craft Sensations, both from the Netherlands. The Austrian firms Colop and Trodat and the German enterprise Jakob Maul will be featured in the “Desktop” segment. FLSK and Lässig - both from Germany - will be appearing at “Bags and Accessories”, whilst Ars Lamina from Macedonia and the German calendar manufacturer Zettler will be joining “Stationery and Gift Articles”.
今年,游客和买家可以期待在展会上特别有吸引力的漫步。新建3c厅取代3厅。它直接连接到熟悉的1号和2号大厅,从而缩短了步行距离。拥有3000平方米的玻璃立面,现代大厅将容纳洞察竞技场和工作室,以及合作伙伴休息室和美食广场。这三个大厅将继续展示所有六个产品组,这些产品组反映了文具行业的全谱和多样性。“我们非常期待既欢迎成熟的行业参与者,也欢迎创新的初创企业。此外,展会管理总监Florian Hess透露,在展会首次参展的企业中,也有一些实力雄厚的品牌。例如,“书写用具和设备”这一部分将首次采用西班牙蒙大拿州的颜色,而埃里希·克劳斯·芬兰则在休息后回来。在《文件与归档》一书中,总部位于瑞士的Kolma和瑞典的NPA Nordiskt Papper首次亮相。“艺术和创意”将由著名的德国公司Marabu与荷兰的皇家泰伦斯一起加入。奥地利公司Colop和Trodat以及德国企业Jakob Maul将被列入“桌面”部分。来自德国的flsk和l_ssig将出现在“包和配件”上,而来自马其顿的ars lamina和德国日历制造商zettler将加入“文具和礼品”的行列。

 Inspiring Special Area让人期待的特殊展区


A highlight for visitors at this year’s Insights-X will be the new special area known as #Inspiration. As the name already suggests, this latest feature is devoted to the presentation of trend-setting and inspiring products from the stationery field. Conveniently located in the passageway between Halls 1 and 3C, it will give retailers and buyers not only a compact overview of the innovations on show but also tangible added value that can be implemented in-store. Insights-X exhibitors can book the newly created Inspiration Package, giving them the opportunity to exhibit their innovative products in a prominent second location in this modern special area. The package also includes a listing in the Inspiration Guide, which is available to visitors and media representatives and replaces the Innovation Report. Exhibitors wanting to appear in this area can register for the Inspiration Package from 1 June to 23 August


 Insights Arena: Knowledge and Workshops知识和研讨会


The Insights Arena is the meeting point for all participants at Insights-X. On all four days of the show, the Atelier in Hall 3C will feature engaging workshops that invite visitors to get involved and try out the products for themselves. Exhibitors will also be presenting their products in continual promotions. The Insights Talks in the Atelier of the Insights Arena will provide attendees with valuable industry expertise. Taking place from Thursday to Saturday, from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm, the Insights Talks will feature presentations by experts on topics relevant to the industry. The adjacent Lounge provides an oasis of calm for relaxed networking and business talks. It is equipped with charging stations for tablets and smart phones as well as an additional Media Point, displaying the trade magazines published by the fair’s German media partners. The Food Court offers a wide variety of catering options. In addition, the Partner Lounge provides an exclusive and separate setting for members of associations and buying groups. It is the perfect place for reinforcing business contacts and sharing information. So far, 18 national and international partners have taken advantage of this service.
Insights Arena是Insights-X的所有参与者的会议点。在展会的所有四天中,3C展厅的工作室都将举办吸引人的研讨会,邀请参观者参与进来,并亲自试用产品。参展商还将在持续的促销活动中展示其产品。洞察竞技场工作室的洞察讲座将为与会者提供宝贵的行业专业知识。在星期四至星期六上午11:30至下午12:30举行的“洞察”会议上,专家们将介绍与行业相关的主题。邻近的酒廊为轻松的社交和商务洽谈提供了一片宁静的绿洲。它配备了平板电脑和智能手机充电站,以及一个额外的媒体点,展示了展览会德国媒体合作伙伴出版的贸易杂志。美食广场提供多种餐饮选择。此外,合作伙伴酒廊还为协会和购买团体的成员提供一个单独的专属设置。它是加强业务联系和共享信息的理想场所。到目前为止,已有18个国家和国际合作伙伴利用这一服务。

 Visitor-friendly services游客友好服务


Insights-X enables trade visitors to forge lasting contacts and exhibitors to invest time in meaningful business conversations. The autumn timing of the event is perfect for planning product ranges. Now available all year round, the Insights-X App helps visitors to plan their visit in a relaxed and efficient manner. The clearly organized menu makes the app easy to navigate. The expo will be open from Wednesday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. The tailored infrastructure helps attendees keep costs low. Accommodation is available through the partner hotel programme and the expo’s partnership with Airbnb. Admission tickets to Insights-X cost € 10.00 and are valid for the entire duration of the fair. They can also be used for free travel on the local ÖPNV public transport network. Attendees travelling by train will once again benefit from the best price deals offered through the Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket. Extensive information can be found on the website www.insights-x.com.
CEO Ernst Kick: “Insights-X is the meeting place for all decision-makers in the international stationery industry. We offer them a high-quality concept comprising product innovations, hands-on promotions and communication. There’s one event everyone should put in their diary: Our After Hour, which takes place after the first day of the fair at Entrance Mitte. I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all visitors, exhibitors and media representatives to this enjoyable and sociable get-together.”
首席执行官Ernst Kick:“Insights-X是国际文具行业所有决策者的会议场所。我们为他们提供高质量的概念,包括产品创新、实践推广和沟通。每个人都应该把一件事记在自己的日记里:我们的下班时间,这件事发生在比赛的第一天之后,在入场手套处。我想借此机会邀请所有的参观者、参展商和媒体代表参加这次愉快的社交聚会。”

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