Pilot launches sustainable pens from reclaimed ocean plastic

The writing instruments brand takes a step forward with an initiative that will contribute to fight against plastic pollution.
PILOT, is proud to launch into the European market a complete range of pens containing reclaimed ocean plastic, collected from marine environments*.
“The problem of plastic in our oceans and on our shores is a worldwide concern. Fighting against plastic pollution is essential and for this reason, we are happy to partner with TerraCycle to create a unique range of pens which contains reclaimed ocean plastic material*”, said Fumio FUJISAKI, CEO and Urban MARTELL, VP Sales & Marketing, of PILOT COROPORATION OF EUROPE.
From 2021, the iconic B2P Gel pen will contain ocean plastic within its 89%** of recycled plastic bottles, already used in its composition. 
And end of January, PILOT will enlarge the B2P range with a newcomer; B2P ECOBALL.
A ballpoint pen made of 86%** of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, including ocean plastic*, with a minimum quantity of colorant additives, and refillable. 
The B2P pens are a part of the BEGREEN range, the first range of sustainable writing instruments, launched by PILOT in 2006.
Made of at least 70% of recycled plastic and refillable, the Begreen pens allow to each of us to save up to 95% of CO2, thanks to the use of recycled plastic, and as soon as the pen is refilled 3 times! With this initiative, PILOT adds a new R – Recuperating, less plastic in the oceans to reduce pollution - to its sustainable approach, that can be summed up in 4 words: DO BETTER WITH LESS, and that is embodied by its 3-R policy; 
Recycling, less waste going to landfills, to turn old into new, by using recycled plastic material to manufacture our pens. 
Refilling, less disposable to extend life duration, by making 63% of our ranges refillable to reduce landfilling.
Reducing, less plastic to reduce waste, by using preferably recycled carton material in our packaging. 
And because sustainability is a part of our DNA, this initiative will concern other markets out of Europe, starting by Japan, the country of origin of PILOT. 
This initiative is not the final stage of a long journey initiated more than 10 years ago for producing eco-designed pens, contributing to reduce the impact of our products on the Planet, but the starting point of a larger program with concrete initiatives to act against pollution, which will be announced in the coming months.
*from oceans, beaches, rivers, lakes and the banks of those waterways.
** Excluding replaceable parts

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