King Jim performs well in interiors Q1 

King Jim公布2020/2021财年第一季度财报,报告显示第一季度销售额为80.81亿日元,同比增长11.4%,营业收入为4亿日元,同比增长884.4%,季度净收入为3亿日元,同比增长971.9%。
King Jim announced on October 30 the consolidated first quarter of the fiscal year ending June 2021, with sales of 8,081 million yen (up 11.4% year-on-year) and operating income of 400 million yen (884.4% Increase), ordinary income was 477 million yen (up 318.1%), and quarterly net income was 300 million yen (up 971.9%).
Cumulative Q2 sales increased to 16.5 billion yen (3.1% increase / decrease) from the earnings forecast announced on July 31 due to strong performance of Bon Furniture due to increased demand for nesting in the interior lifestyle business. Fixed.
Operating income of 500 million yen (316.7%), ordinary income of 650 million yen (140.7%), and net income of 180 million yen (150.0%) also exceed the forecasts.

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