Insights-X develops new Special Award

如今文具行业的制造商比以往任何时候都更加重视人机工程学,为了鼓励这种发展,文具展览会Insights-X的组织者Spielwarenmesse eG正在与德国著名的健康与人体工学研究所IGR合作,共同创造了专门针对文具行业的新特别人体工程学奖。

Be it in the world of work or at school, ergonomically designed products help improve human health by minimising physical strains on the body.
And manufacturers in the stationery industry are taking ergonomics more seriously than ever. In a move to encourage this development, Spielwarenmesse eG, the organiser of stationery expo Insights-X, is collaborating with the IGR, the renowned German institute of health and ergonomics. Together, they have created the new Special Award Ergonomics specifically for the stationery sector.
Awards in two categories

Starting this year, the awards will be presented to outstanding, ergonomically designed products in the categories “Writing utensils” and “(School) bags and backpacks”. The award is part of the Innovation Prize Ergonomics, which has been awarded by the IGR since 2019. The objective is to raise commercial awareness for the importance of ergonomics and to encourage manufacturers to strive for the highest quality standards when developing ergonomically designed products.  
Ernst Kick, CEO Spielwarenmesse eG, said: “We’re delighted to have found such an experienced partner in the IGR. The Special Award Ergonomics will act as an added incentive for companies, whilst giving consumers helpful guidance in their buying decisions.”
Jury to select winners
Companies in the stationery industry can enter up to three products for the Special Award Ergonomics. Entries are free of charge and can be registered on the website at until 21 September. Comprising members of the IGR and Insights-X, the jury will make an initial selection, nominating up to three products in each category. The nominees will be announced on 5 October and the winners will be revealed on 15 October during the Online Live Event at Insights-X Online.
Further details of the terms and conditions for entering the competition can be found on the website at An interview with Christian Brunner, Chairman of the IGR, can be accessed at

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