“King Jim Fair”online will be held from October 12th

锦宫(King Jim)将于2020年10月12日至19日在官方网上商店“King Jim store”举办为期8天的“King Jim Fair Online”活动,“King Jim Fair”是一个收集、介绍和销售各种集团公司精选产品的活动,今年第6次举办,第1次在线上举办。
King Jim will hold an event "King Jim Fair Online" at the official online store "King Jim Store" for 8 days from October 12th (Monday) to 19th (Monday), 2020.
"King Jim Fair" is an event that collects, introduces and sells selected products from a wide variety of group companies. This is the 6th time, the first online event.
In addition to King Jim's distinctive files, electronic products and office supplies, we also sell fashionable kitchen appliances from our group company Radonna, interior supplies and furniture from Bon Furniture, and artificial flowers from Asuka Shokai.
In addition to a lucky bag where you can choose the contents and a bargain item corner, we will prepare discount coupons for a limited time.
[Overview of "King Jim Fair ONLINE"]
Date and time October 12, 2020 (Monday) 12:00 to October 19, 2020 (Monday) 10:00
Venue King Jim official online store special page
https://www.kingjim-store. jp / hpgen / HPB / entries / 1.html

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