"2021 KOKUYO Fair"combines online and real in Dec.

KOKUYO will be working on weekdays from December 1st (Tuesday) to 14th (Monday), 2020, with new products including furniture products related to infectious disease control and future work styles in anticipation of social changes. "2021 KOKUYO Fair" will be held in a new style hybrid format that combines online and real.
The target is persons in charge of corporations, government offices, local governments, etc. nationwide.
First, the "2021 KOKUYO Fair Special Website" was opened on October 6th, where you can experience the venue and apply for various webins, and released teaser information.
For the exhibition period December 1, information on the new live office "(tentative name) Shinagawa NX", which will be the highlight of the fair, introduction of various webinar programs, information on new product exhibition schedule at the company's showroom, etc. The contents of the online fair will be updated one by one above, and will be disseminated including SNS.
In addition, we will hold individual tours (* complete invitation system / full attendance system / capacity system) such as the new office "Shinagawa NX (tentative name)" and showroom exhibitions, and make new proposals that combine online and real.
This year's concept is "be Unique-Beyond space-time to a new reality."
Due to the corona wreck, future offices are required to be a place to create innovation while ensuring safety and security.
To address this issue, KOKUYO will make unique proposals to nationwide business owners and personnel / general affairs personnel who are worried about office building and working styles.

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