September contains the drop in sales

The GfK institute shared the data for Back to school sales of supermarkets between weeks 27 and 37. In value, the DRC 2020 is down 2.5% with a turnover of 427 million euros in hypermarkets. / super. Volumes fell 2.9%.
Efficient September
Weeks 36 and 37, i.e. the first two weeks of September, contained the overall decline in sales observed so far. As a reminder, at the end of August, this distribution channel posted -4.6% in value and -5.2% in volume despite a week 34 (post-payment of the ARS) at + 6%. Week 36 (back to school week) thus brought in 64 million euros, or + 4.5% compared to last year. This is the third biggest week in the period. Week 37, traditionally weaker, still shows + 12.6% with 22 million euros in turnover. These figures confirm the trend that had been emerging for several weeks: the purchases of school supplies were postponed until the end of the period for fear that the start of the school year would not take place, but also because the school lists were submitted late,
Rollerblade refills always at the top
In terms of products, the ranking is the most impacted family with -9% in value, accessories are also at -5%. Writing resisted with -1.5% overall but + 14.4% in week 36. Refills for inline skates clearly boosted the category with + 10.6% over the entire campaign. The paper is stable and the glues and adhesives show + 1%. According to GfK, consumables were purchased early in the period because they were needed, whether teaching was done at school or at home. The props and the writing came at the end of the campaign. Ballpoint pens rose 28.5% in the first week of September.
All of these figures constitute a first indication of the health of the school market in a delicate context because of the Covid-19 epidemic. It remains to be seen whether these trends are confirmed by specialized distribution channels. Data covering all circuits will be available at the end of October.

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