14th Kids Design Award winning works

On August 21, the Kids Design Council awarded 237 points of "14th Kids Design Award" award-winning works, such as outstanding products, spaces, services, and research activities that contribute to the safety, security, and healthy growth and development of children. (390 applications)

This time as well, there were applications from various organizations such as local governments, educational institutions and NPOs, as well as companies nationwide.
This time around, there was an increasing trend toward applications for toys and play equipment related to the time spent at home, indoor space, housing-related equipment, etc. in response to new lifestyles.
The grand prize and other announcements and awards ceremony will be held on September 30th at Roppongi Academy Hills.
Stationery-related award-winning works:
·Kutswa "Tomato Corn Nendo Series"
·Kutswa "Doctor Compass"
·KOKUYO "Shukuda Motivation Pen"
·Stedler Japan "Norris Junior Colored Pencils"
·Dragonfly Pencils "Steady Motaku Kakikata Pencils"
·Nakabayashi "Album Lab"
·Brother Sales " Pre-fure!
·Plus "Air in Fuji Eraser"
·Rei Fujii "Lock Compass Lock Pass (pencil type)"
·Rei Fujii "Teacher Recommendation Ruler"
·Wacom "Wacom One LCD Pen Tablet 13"
From: NICHIMA Inc., Japan

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