Superstores rebound in June

As every month, the GfK barometer for Ufipa observes the stationery market in France. In June 2020, the stationery sector overall posted -2.8%, reaching 4.1 billion euros in mobile year-to-date. If we focus on Office stationery, year-over-year turnover amounts to 3.196 billion euros, down 1.2%. The figures are better over more recent periods: June 2020 is up 5% compared to June 2019, bringing the market to + 0.6% in the first half of this year.
Superstores rebound
In June, the situations of the various distribution channels are contrasted. Hyper-supermarkets continued to grow with + 8.6% over the month, + 25.3% over the half-year and + 6.7% over twelve months. Same phenomenon, but lighter, for cultural and pure player surfaces: + 25.2% over the month, + 4.3% over the half-year and + 3% over twelve months. On the other hand, distance selling and suppliers are looking very sad with -13.1% in June, -25.1% in the first half of the year and -14.7% in mobile year-to-date. As for the superstores, they posted + 20.2% in June, reducing their losses to -5.7% over the first part of 2020 and -3.3% over twelve months. These results seem to confirm a recovery in household consumption, a recovery that is long overdue in professional purchasing.
Printing still strong
In terms of products, printing continued its good year with + 28% for office machines in June (+ 10.9% over the first half of the year and + 1.4% year-to-date mobile) and + 16.5% for consumables (+ 19.4% over six months and + 8.1% over twelve months). Machines and consumables thus represent 43% of the mobile annual cumulative market. Adhesives were in the green in June with + 5.5% but remained in the red over the half-year, -5%, and over the year, -1.9%. All the other families of products decline, whether over the month, the half-year or in mobile year to date with respectively -1.9%, -4.9% and -2.8% for writing and tracing, - 2.7%, -15.4% and -5.6% for shaped paper, -8.1%, -22.4% and -11.1% for grading, and -14.9%, - 16.5% and -8.9% for reprographic paper.


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