MANUTAN GROUP Turnover Return to growth in Q4

在2019/2020财年,受疫情影响,经济环境非常动荡,Manutan Group全年营业额为7.797亿欧元,较上一财年增长0.8%,与上一年相比略有增长。集团第四季度恢复增长,营业额为2.19亿欧元,去年同期为2.110亿欧元。
Over the 2019/2020 fiscal year, the Group's turnover recorded slight growth compared to the previous year, in the very turbulent economic context due to the health crisis.
Over the 2019/2020 fiscal year, the Manutan Group’s Turnover amounted to € 779.7 million compared to € 773.9 million previous fiscal year, an increase of +0.8% ( -1.6% at like-for-like scope, constant exchange rates and number of working days, with a scope effect of +2.4%, a currency effect of -0.04% and a day effect of +0.05%).
During Q4 2019/2020 fiscal year, the Manutan Group’s business has grown by +3.8% compared to the same quarter of fiscal year 2018/2019. This increase amounted to +3.6% at constant exchange rates and number of working days (with a currency effect of +0.03% and a day effect of +0.1%). Turnover therefore stood at € 219.0 million compared to € 211.0 million for the fourth quarter of the previous year.
In terms of its operational areas, the Group’s situation is as follows :
The Enterprises division growth in the fourth quarter (+4.0%) was mainly driven up by the South area and Centre areas. The North area got back on the path to growth after three quarters declined. The East area was impacted by a sharp decline in Poland, which nevertheless remained in strong growth throughout the year. The West area continued to be impacted by the slowdown in business due to the pandemic.
The activity of the Local Authorities division returned to growth in the fourth quarter (+3.0%), after the decline in the two previous quarters, linked to schools’ closure policy during the lockdown period in France.
The Group's priorities remain focused on adjusting and developing its product and service offering to best meet the changing needs of its customers, while ensuring the safety of its partners and employees. The health crisis enabled the Group to step up its investments in Digital, which fully contributed to growth over the year. All the warehouses have remained and remain operational and keep also applying all the instructions and protective measures recommended by the health authorities in each country where the Group operates.
Due to the uncertainties surrounding the current global crisis, it is hard to estimate how the Group's results for the coming months will be affected, but Manutan is going the extra mile to minimise the repercussions while continuing to prepare for the future and draw strength from its ever solid key attributes.

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