Record results for Herman Miller

总部位于美国的办公家具制造商Herman Miller表示2019年第二季度的业绩创下了季度净销售额和订单的历史记录,截至2018年12月1日,第二季度净销售额为6.526亿美元,较去年同期增长7.9%,而新订单增长11.6%。

US-based office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller has reported that its Q2 2019 performance set all-time records for quarterly net sales and order levels.
For the three months ended 1 December 2018, net sales totalled $652.6 million, up 7.9% compared to the prior year period, while new orders rose 11.6%.
Adjusted EBITDA increased 12.2% to $78.2 million.
In the company’s largest reporting segment, North America, sales were up 6.9% to $353.2 million boosted by an increase in orders for small and medium-sized projects.
A strong year-over-year performance in the ELA segment was led by growth in Asia Pacific, Mexico and the Middle East. Sales improved 4.9% to $118.5 million.
Meanwhile in the consumer and specialty segments, sales increased 14.5% to $99.3 million, and 9.7% to $81.6 million respectively.
Herman Miller CEO Andi Owen commented: “These results are a tribute to the talent and effort of our people and demonstrate the meaningful progress we have made on our strategic growth priorities. This included further integration of the HAY and Maars Living Walls brands into our business.”

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